Frequently Asked Questions

What will we do in the classes?
A mixture of poses is taught every week. A few poses occur almost every week, the rest of the poses will vary every week. Click here for more details on Iyengar yoga.

How long does the class last?
All classes last an hour and a half, except the General class for very experienced students, which lasts two hours.

I have a health problem, can I still come to the class?
Iyengar yoga is tailored to the individual. The teacher can adapt poses to suit your needs – and many common health problems can be benefitted greatly by the practice of Iyengar yoga. Some serious health problems would be better suited to a more specialist class. Please contact me to discuss if the class is suitable for you.

What shall I bring?
Please bring a light-weight blanket (or towel if you have none). If you have a yoga mat, please bring it but if please don’t rush out and buy one. There are different types of mats available and some are unsuitable. Please seek the advice of the teacher before buying one.

What shall I wear?
For women, leggings or shorts are best (avoid loose flowing clothes getting in the way of the poses). For men, shorts are better than jogging bottoms.
On top, for both men and women a T-shirt is good, and something warm to add at the beginning and end of the class.

Do I need yoga equipment (e.g.blocks and bricks)?
If you have some, bring them along. If you don’t have any, then these will be provided to start with. After a few weeks, if you continue with the classes, you can order these via the teacher.

What are blocks and bricks used for?
When you are beginning in yoga, blocks and bricks are used to help you achieve poses correctly, without strain, but still with the correct alignment. As you progress, the equipment can be used to help you improve in your knowledge or performance of poses, or to help you achieve more advanced poses.

Is it OK to eat before class?
Ideally you shouldn’t eat less than 2 hours before the class, and a full meal not less than 4 hours before class. This is to avoid having something heavy in your stomach when you are exercising.