Iyengar Yoga


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which brings strength, vitality and peace of mind.

BKS Iyengar first introduced yoga to the west and his method is the most widely practised across the world. He continued to teach and practise yoga in Pune, India, until his death on 20 August 2014, at the age of 95. Iyengar yoga is highly regarded because of its high standards of teacher-training and teacher assessment.

His method focuses particularly on alignment and brings great benefits to posture, mental and physical wellbeing. Simple props such as blocks and belts may be used to help students attain the correct posture. Poses are tailored to the needs of the individual student.

You do not have to be able to touch your toes to start yoga! The practice of yoga will bring suppleness, strength and increasing flexibility.

If you have any injuries or illness, please contact Emma to discuss if yoga would be suitable for you.

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The Iyengar yoga certification mark. A sign of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.