Student comments

“Hi Emma, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic class. I woke up this morning and, for the first time in a year, I didn’t feel lower back pain as I got up.” – Bianca

“I went home last Friday and raved about how much I enjoyed the lesson and how great I felt after and now my husband wants to give it a go!” – Alex

“A quick text to let you know how much I enjoy your classes – been stressed out all day and have left yoga tonight feeling calm and in a better place. Thank you.” – Maud

“I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the class today. I wanted to thank you for being a great yoga teacher, providing a great space for me to learn. I feel I am benefiting so much from yoga, and gaining a lot more body awareness, flexibility and relaxation. Thanks again.” – David

“Today’s class was great, thank you again. I love the physical side of yoga and feeling connected to myself but I’m also finding it helps focus my mind on the present rather than my usual non-stop worrying about everything I haven’t done yet.” – Nicola

“Really enjoyed the class this morning, especially the new poses. Yoga is really coming alive for me at the moment; the rewards beyond just the achievement of the poses… Courage, trust, surprise, and often humility.” – Andy

“Just to say thanks again for an introduction to yoga. I felt elevated for several days afterwards.” – Elena

“Thanks you for your tuition this year. I’ve enjoyed the classes and the process of taking faltering steps with establishing my own practice outside of the classes.” – Ken

“I love your classes. I’m so glad I found you.” – Tracey

“Really enjoyed the class today, thank you.” – Jen

“Thank you for such an enjoyable first half term, I have really loved it.” – Jenny

“I have really enjoyed the Wednesday night beginners’ class, thank you so much for your wonderful tuition.” – Sarah

“Great class today. I have lots to work on, which is a pleasure not a chore. It really is a lovely class, wonderful yoga and a fab bunch of people to share it with.
“I’m so glad I have found Iyengar yoga, I look forward to your class all week and I feel great for the rest of the day. I wish I could do another class but work gets in the way!” – Diane

“Just to say how I enjoyed the class today, so did everyone else.” – Teresa

“I have been meaning to send you this email to say how much I enjoyed your class on Friday. I walked around with a smile on my face all day (a rarity). It was wonderful. I am so pleased that I was able to finally find a class and practice…..  I did so want to thank you for a wonderful class.  It made me want to do Iyengar every day.” – Katherine

“A few weeks of yoga have got bits of me starting to move that I thought were set for the duration. I confidently expect to shed a few more decades as time goes on…. I like the high level of detail in instruction.” – Dave

“Thanks for the class yesterday. It was a great introduction to yoga. I really enjoyed it and was surprised at how physically demanding it was. However, I expected to ache this morning and am particularly surprised not to have one ache or pain!” – Rachel

“Thank you for a wonderful first year of yoga. I have already learnt so much and it has made me think about my posture and body positioning whilst at work and when running, climbing and at the gym. Thank you for being a great teacher. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey.” – Nicole

“I really enjoyed the class and felt great afterwards… I have been to numerous yoga classes over the past 15 years and in my opinion my first impressions were that for me your class was up there with the best!! I think that for the first time in a long time I felt like I was being taught yoga rather than just attending a class. I have never experienced a teacher to use the blocks in such a personal way that offers an incremental support to the practice. It also came across how much you were in tune with the group and could support, identify and encourage individual progress. I often start daydreaming but for the two hours I felt totally focused and engaged in the session.” – Alison

“I just wanted to thank you for the class on Friday I thought it was brilliant and can’t wait for this Friday!” – Jo

“Great class Emma! You really made me work hard! I love that! My body can certainly feel it!” – Vanessa

Here’s a student’s blog post about her experience coming to Iyengar Yoga classes with Emma,